Jaguars News · Pre-season Workouts for Golf, Women’s Soccer, Softball and Men’s Tennis

Pre-season Information for Men’s Golf, Women’s Golf, Women’s Soccer, Softball and Men’s Tennis

Weather will impact this week’s schedule so tune in to RMA, Twitter: chsjags and our athletic webpage, for updates.

Men Golf  2/17 Site is TBD
W Golf 2/22 Site is TBD
W Soccer  2/15 4pm-5pm Check in at the Stadium
Softball 2/17  Check in at the Stadium
M Tennis 2/22 Teenis Courts

Pre-season Requirements for Students:

1. Students must have a Complete Online Registration to participate
2. Students must submit an initial screening form the 1st Day of Preseason
3. Students must wear a mask at all times on Campus during workouts
4. Students must wear appropriate clothing and shoes
5. Students must have a water bottle and use the bathroom before leaving home
6. 90 minutes are allowed for preseason workouts
7. Parents cannot watch workouts outside their cars per the NCHSAA Guidelines

All students will recieve a QR Code the first day to use the remainder of the pre-season and tryouts.